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Monaghan Property Sales
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Address:Dawson House, Dawson Street, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan
Phone:047 72323
About Monaghan Property Sales

We are delighted to welcome you to Monaghan Property Sales, where our dynamic team of experienced estate agents are ready to meet your every property need.

Monaghan Property Sales give our customers the best value service in the market place, by maximising your propertys potential and minimising your selling costs.

If you are interested in buying or selling property in county Monaghan or surrounding areas then this is the site for you. Please feel free to browse our current listings of property available. If you should have any further queries or would like to arrange a viewing, please contact our office.
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By Landlord - 30 Apr 2021, Rate: excellent
U cannot sell knocaconny on Armagh road, as the women who are selling it forgot about Tim’s wife n kids, in england(shock horror) to many times they ripped his kids off not this time, mine n Tim’s kids want there share of the sale, they already lied about the funeral n when he died, enough is enough, his kids want 30% each of the sale, otherwise it will all come up in court how they lied, disgusting , n also put there mum down as next of kin, when he has a wife n kids in England, ok, bye for now, enjoy your day, x
By Landlord - 26 Feb 2021, Rate: excellent
I’m a wife n Tim’s kids are still alive, so they trying again to take everything once again, but I no tim n his mum did make sure tim was in the will etc n I’m getting blown out again , I don’t think so they can big off, they lie about everything I’m here to fight for there brothers kids there niece n nephew, that they hate coz they British, it’s called bias n vile, there problem not mine, there easiest in a way,
I'm , rate this agent

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